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Public Affairs Section

General Information

The Public Affairs Section (PAS), better known as the American Cultural Center, is the Press, Culture and Education office of the Embassy of the United States in Benin. It promotes a better understanding of American society, politics, and culture by providing information about the United States to institutions and professionals in the media, academia and other sectors of the host society. 

The PAS handles all press inquiries and works closely with the local media.  The PAS regularly mails an electronic file called the Washington File to key media and local government officials. The File provides timely and authoritative information about the U.S. and its policies, including official statements and speeches, transcripts of press conferences and briefings, congressional testimony, etc.  Users of the World Wide Web may access it easily by clicking  on the link above. More detailed information available to interested users is also available through Electronic Journals and the  State Department Home Page

The PAS sponsors a variety of programs to commemorate special American and international events, e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, African American History Month, and International Environmental Day, to name a few.  It also sponsors weekly news and feature film presentations and monthly book discussions that are open to the public. For more information on our programs, please Contact us.